Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is Life? As Scientist, Teacher, and Farmer(科学者、教師、そして農民として)

Hi. Good morning everyone. How are you doing now? How do you feel about your work or study? Are you running to make your dream true?

Today's class is just a self introduction at the present days. I had already moved from F city to I city to re-start my life with kind partners. At F city, I met with many friends. They encouraged and helped me. I was losing my way and attacked to others with sparking eyes. But at the final, I could decide or find my dream.

As shown in my profile, I decided to be a biologist when I was five years old. I became a Ph.D and worked hard to change or save the world. At some periods, I could elucidate or establish some mechanisms or diagnosis systems for patients. It was very interesting and exciting, because we could perchase reagents whatever we want and use money for study at the highest level. 

But after finishing such project, I was staying at my country. I didn't know the dream what I want to do. It took more than six months to think myself and find what I want to do.

It's teaching the amazing of Life for children and adults. So we are preparing to build a school with scientific experiments and farm. I will be a master to teach Science at the school. And at the other time, I will be a farmer like a chef for serving something to them. At the future, I will try to research in plant area. For such works, I have to study again with text book, prepare some apparatus for such experiments, and learn agriculture without agrichemicals (Natural Farming).

When I can make it real, I will inform the news for you and also invite you. I will make you happy with smile. Because the dishes used the crops must be nice.  

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is Life? For the rest of us(自分たち以外の人達のため)

Good morning everyone. Have you detected or found this Spring? The weather of the place for my new life is bright sunny everyday like Spring. It's surprised thing for Sammy, because it is cloudy at F city everyday in Winter. 

Today's theme is basic spirit of the greatest company in the world. It's "For the rest of us". Have you ever heard this sentence? Or do you have iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh? Yes, the sentence is one of the most famous motto of Apple.

Apple may be known as mobile phone company today. But Apple was born as computer company in 1977 and released Macintosh in 1984. And the company has changed the world by Macintosh, as you may know (^o^).

Apple had a key sentence showing the spirits of the company. It's "For the rest of us". "Us" means the staff of Apple, "the rest" means the people. Apple thinks that personal computer should be easy and powerful. To show such spirits of Apple, the sentence is the best.

However, many staff of Apple don't know the words, because most of staff doesn't know the history of their company. They are young and facing inside of the company. If you are serious to change the world, you should know "For the rest of us".

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