Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is Life? Global Warming or Cooling(地球温暖化それとも寒冷化)

Good morning everyone. We got 4 cm of snow in our area last month, which was the first of this year. How was it around your town? 


Today's theme is the Global Warming, which is considered as threat for all human kind, you know?. Since the industrial revolution, the number of population and the amount of wastage of fuel has been increasing exponentially, especially in last 20 years. By these industrial growing, rising of atmospheric temperature are reported at various area of the world. 


Also in this country, most of us noticed that the summer has become sweaty and more lethal than our childhood. And we hear that such warming phenomena are expanded in various area of the planet.


For many years, meteorological observation and political force have searched the reason of these dramatical changes, which should be familiar for people. And finally, they have decided the candidate. It's carbon footprint, known as CO2.


Just five years has passed from the release of "Inconvenient Truth" produced by Al Gore, who was a vice president of United States. He emphasized and concluded that the global warming is occurring by the increasing of carbon footprint emitted from industrial activity. Because his movie comprises many shocking environmental alterations, most people have believed his insistence of the movie.


By the way, are you remember that the concentration of gas dissolved in water are decreasing by heating of it? Most people leaned the theory as basis of nature in high school, right? Even though you have forgotten the fact, you may know the bubble in cola?


Do you know the INCONVENIENT TRUTH of Inconvenient Truth? If you want to know in detail, please watch the movie shown in below.


As I mentioned many times, we should have objective view and active thinking for everything, Ok? Today's class is over. See you next time.


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