Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is Life? 第6回「続・生き物の分類について」(Animal Classification, continued)


How do you feel about this class? It may be little difficult for you, because Sammy showed about fungi that you always may not think it in serious. 

本日は、今後、What is Life?を続けていくにあたって、どうしても必要な、「歴史」について、少しだけご紹介申し上げます。もちろん何年とか、何世紀とか、そういったことは、あまり、ここでは意味を持ちませんので、敢えて、そういった難しい事は、お話し致しません。どうしても、お知りになりたい方は、ウィキペディアなどを、ご覧になる事をお勧め致します。

At today, I have to explain the ancient history of animal classification. Of course, I do not want to make it difficult. The years or the Century don't have sense. You should know about the outline of the history. If you want to know detail about it, please check it on Wikipedia.


Anyway, do you know the dog was a wild animal originates from the wolf? Strictly speaking, the dog has several roots for example wolf, jackal, and related species. At now such origin is unknown. But please know about the existence of Scientist for classification, whose name is Carl von Linne born in Sweden. He thought that the relation between all of life and made the basis of the Classification.


Dr. Linne is called as a father of classification. He established not only the basis of the taxonomy but also the form of nomenclature. The nomenclature is like a formal name of species. At Linne's period, there are not even sense of gene, protein, or various bases of biology. Can you believe it? By such reasons, Carl von Linnne is the greatest Scientist of biology. I respect him so much.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this "What is Life?", if you are a student of this class. Mind you? If you have any question about life, please send an e-mail for me.

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