Friday, September 23, 2011

What is Life? Restart: The Origin of Life (2)(再開:生命の起源2)

Good morning everyone. How are you doing? I have to apologize you for waiting so long time. To rebuild my life, I had to use several month. 


Anyway, as a theme of restart of What is Life?, we have to think the origin of life again. As you may know, some kinds of source of life have been detected in meteorite (stardust stone) found in antarctic land by NASA. They were family of nucleic acids as source of DNA and RNA.

さて、What is Life?を再開するにあたって、私たちはやはり生物の起源に関して考えるべきではないでしょうか。皆さんもご存知のように先日NASAによって、南極大陸の隕石から生命の元となるものが見つかりました。それらは核酸の一部でDNAやRNAの元となるものでした。

Several month ago, Sammy reported the origin of life in this class. The chemical generation of some amino acids in electrical field were shown experimentally in 1953 by Dr Miller. However, the origin of nucleic acids have been still unknown.


This finding is quite interesting for me. However, it may not be direct evidence of universal origin theory. But what do you think against the finding? If our ancestor came from the Universe…


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