Thursday, October 6, 2011

What is Life? Thank you Steve

Dear Mr Jobs

We have heard bad news in Internet. We are very appreciated for you as Apple users. Macintosh made us happy, iPhone as well. You came back to Apple and made it No.1 company by following the best. You have actually changed the world.

As you have forgotten, I had received an e-mail from you about "Tell Us Project" just after you returned to Apple. That e-mail was already lost, however your spirits must not been lost in the world.

Thank you Steve



あなたは忘れてしまったでしょうが、私はちょうどあなたがAppleに戻ったばかりの頃、あなたから一通の電子メールを受け取りました。Tell Usプロジェクトに関する事です。そのメールは無くしてしまいましたが、あなたの魂が失われる事は決してありません。


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