Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is Life? Education for babies of Scientist(科学者の卵への教育)

Good morning everyone. I have a bad cough even now. Are you OK? Today's theme is about education for babies of Scientist.


Most of you may be an expert or PhD of various area of Science. Recently, I read a book. The title is "Spirits and Material" by Takashi Tachibana and Susumu Tonegawa. Professor Tonegawa won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1987 for his discovery of the genetic mechanism for antibody diversity as Japanese molecular biologist. Until his elucidation, the mechanism in the adaptive immune system was not known. His finding was correctly evaluated, I think so.


In the book, he showed not only his work, but also the differences about education system between US and Japan. At now, I could be a kind of expert. But when I was a student of University, I was worried deeply because I did not understand what I should do.


Professor Tonegawa explained about the education for graduate student in US. All students have to attend many classes to learn basis of wide area of Science, for example Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics besides Biology. Japanese students of biological area don't have such duty. So we don't have view of Physics or Chemistry. As you may know, we human beings are animal and aggregation of numerous molecules. Of course we have spirits in my mind. But all of such spirits are results of molecular reaction in our body.


Professor Tonegawa was a chemist. When he was a student of a University, he met to molecular biology. He was lost in molecular biology and also met with great Professor in the world. He told us in the book that discussion to determine what we have to do is most important for Scientist.


Most of us does not have such education. So it needs for long years to find it by one's self in Japan. If you are a baby of Scientist, please think and discuss with your friend and your Professor with the Book.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this "What is Life?", if you are a student of this class. Mind you? If you have any question about life, please send an e-mail for me.


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