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What is Life? Evolution from invertebrates to vertebrates 5(無脊椎動物から脊椎動物への進化その5)

Good morning everyone. Are you enjoying dishes for new year party? If you are still in the laboratory, would you call for your parents and tell at least what you are alive. Your family is waiting for such your calling even now. I want to call with my sons, but I can't. So please.


Let me start "What is Life?" Here we go! This is the 5th of the story of evolution from invertebrates to vertebrates. We had tried to elucidate the mechanism of the evolution from studying on the sea urchin larvae. At the last class, Sammy explained that we could stand on the start point. We could identify the assay point.

さて、What is Life?を始めましょう。準備はいいですか?無脊椎動物から脊椎動物への進化の五回目です。我々はウニ幼生の研究から進化のメカニズムを明らかにしようとしていました。前回、サミぃはやっと出発点に立ったことを説明致しました。我々はアッセイの時期を見つけることができたのです。

Because the feeding promotes the development of adult rudiment and resorption of larval body, the factors must be inside the food. So we homogenized the algae and separated with weight, size, or charge, and exposed against the larvae. However, such experiments did not show clearly findings. We did not have a clue.


Several months had passed for such trying. At a day, an assistant professor of next laboratory studying action of hormones for rodents suggested to try thyroid hormones. We received the advice with suspicion, because the historical division between echinoderm and mammal has more than several billion years.


Consequently, the advice made incredible surprise in the world of developmental biologists as described at the next class.


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