Saturday, October 23, 2010

What is Life? 赤緑色盲について(About Daltonism: Color Blindness )

皆様お早うございます。寒くなってきましたね。先日のAppleからのMacBook Airの発表は驚きました。1.06 kgで11.4 inch液晶でモバイルノートでFaceTime Camera搭載で88,800円。これは必ず日本でバカ売れすると思います。

Good morning everyone. Is it cold today? Yesterday, the Apple released new MacBook Air. It was shocked. It is 1.06 kg weight, 11.4 inch LED backlight screen, Intel Core2 Duo, FaceTime Camera, and only 88,800 yen. It's unbelievable. It must be the biggest sales in Japan ever. I think so. 


Today, the class of What is Life? is about Daltonism (color blindness green-red). The master gene of the disease exists on the X chromosome determine the gender of us. And the gene has the recessive character on the sex chromosome. Therefore, if the girl has X(+)X(+) or X(+)X(-), the expression is normal. It is the Mendelian inheritance. You should study it again, if you had forgotten it. It is the basis of Biology.


In fact, I am a patient of such color-blindness. But it is not so serious. I can distinguish the traffic signals (telegraph), and also had already obtained the driving passport. I am living, and of course a organism. My sons are not patients. It is my pleasure. But if I have a daughter, she has the gene of color blindness. So my grandson have possibility to be the patient.


Because it may be little difficult by only reading this article, I prepared a figure showed in below. It is called as Atavism, you know?.

Today's class is finished. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. 

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