Saturday, October 2, 2010

What is Life? こめかみについて(About temple)


Yesterday, the Tigers lost the game, which means the team can not be champion in this year. But I have not said that other team will be needed to lost games. I love Tigers in serious, and show my acknowledgement for old player, who put off his suits for play. It is not so difficult, I think so. How do you think about it?


Today is short about "KOMEKAMI" in Japanese language. Komekami is temple, near your eyes. When you bite or chaw so much, you feel some pain or ache at the region. Do you know why the region is called as Komekami? Several days ago, I used the taxi at Kawasaki. The taxi driver made classchange of his work from rice seller to taxi driver. His explained the origin of the word "KOMEKAMI". His explanation is following. Hundreds years ago, people were carrying brown rice without polishing as  food on work or war. They ate it as food with much chewing. After eating brown rice, they felt some pain at Komekami, because it is called as "KOME (rice) KAMI (chawing)". This is the origin about Komekami. It was very interesting for me. Is it nice?


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  1. 見返りを求めることは、運を逃がすことになると聞いても、それでも、このWhat is Life?をご覧になって皆様がどのようにお感じなっていらっしゃるのかは知りたいものです。


    それとも、バイリンガルが面白くないのでしょうか。私は外人さんにも名刺を渡して、バイリンガルでWhat is Life?だよ。と言っているからなのです。それに、もし、私の英語が何かの役に立つのであれば、それは結構なことだと思います。




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