Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is Life? 石油について再び(About Oil again)


Good morning everyone. I am staying at the Royal Hotel Suzuki near the Kumagaya Station for three days. The hotel may have some relation with a kind of Royal family. Anyway, do you know him?


Here, I explain about the origin of oil again. Sammy asked you about the origin of oil before. Have you thought about the origin of products surrounding you? From Stone? Wood? Glass? or Plastic?


We had been taught that the oil was produced from the ancient animal body. And we had learned that it will be exhausted around 30 years, too. But I do not discuss about the latter. The most important thing is the Origin of Oil.


If it is true that the origin of oil is produced from ancient animal body, what is the animal? Dinosaur like a TRX? Anmonite? Trilobite? or some plankton in the sea? They were many many numbers evidence as fossil in the planet by paleontologic study. But do you know where the oil fields are? Most oil fields are under the land or sea. Its deepness is over 1,000 m!!!


I can not understand the mechanism that oil fields are very deep under the land. Were the family of Dinosaur, Anmonite, or Trilobite under the land? I do not know (@_@).


On the other hand, there is a lot of solid ice of methane called as methane hydrate in oil fields. The block was melted down, vapored as gas, and produced high presser in the oil field. It causes of explosion accident.


Methane hydrate is also called as fossil fuel or bio fuel. So it may be originated from animal body. But your body contains water, protein, and bone. Why could their body change to such fatty acid or methane hydrate under the land?


As you may know,  the air of Uranus and Neptune contains large scale of methane. If the methane was produced from the body of alien, it is the biggest finding for us. Furthermore, the oil was produced by what? The oil is existing with the methane, you know? I want to know what or why the origin of oil with methane.


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