Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is Life? 種とは何か再び(What is species? again)


Good morning everyone. The typhoon 14th has come, but it si too late in Japan. It is strange. How do you think about it? Anyway, today's theme is Species.


Do you know what species is? The species means that the group, which can generate next generation (descendant) eternity. I had explained about it before. Do you remember it?

本日は、もう少し具体例を挙げて説明します。皆様がお茶を召し上がる際に、緑茶、紅茶、ウーロン茶など、あると思いますが、その原材料となる茶ノ木は同じ「種」(Camellia sinensis)であることをご存知ですか?

Today I explained about species by using some cases. Did you drink tea on yesterday? Green tea? Black tea? or Oolong tea? Do you know the leaves of those teas are originated from same species (Camellia sinensis)?


The precess is so different in those three teas. The green tea is made with no fermentation, the black tea is made with complete fermentation, the oolong tea is the middle.


By the way, please think about us. There are many progenies whose color of skin are not same, for example brown, yellow, and white. They are same species, because we can make descendant by love. When did we and chimpanzee divided as other species? The mystery has not been dissolved even now.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. 

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