Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is Life? English as a communication tool(コミュニケーションツールとしての英語)

Good morning everyone. It was very cold and snowing at F city. The winter has just come to Japan. I wish the white Christmas.


Here, the theme is English as a communication tool. As you may know, I had started to show the amazing of Life in both English and Japanese since the end of September. At the first, I made some mistakes on the articles, but I think that English is little easier to show something than Japanese. Of course, I am a merely English user, not a native speaker. So my English may be little primitive for such English users. But I want to show you that English may not have strictly usage to show respecting mind. In Japanese there are many words for such purposes. And also, English may be very simple and directly language compare with Japanese. But, it is just my impression from the work on the company, which I belonged. In the company, there were many foreign researcher. So I also had to be an English user. Although the start was little hard, the experience was very interesting and exciting. I could be grown up at some level.


Please compare two paragraph showed in above. You may be able to find some differences between the two parts. One is English written at first, the other is Japanese translated from E to J. Where did the inequality come from? It may be little difficult for us, because we are just users. But it is little interesting, because the all contents of "What is Life?" were written by my self. What I want to show you at today is such fun. I am sorry that there is no sense at today (^^;).

どうか上の二つの段落を比べて頂けませんでしょうか。おそらく皆様はその二つの段落からいくつかの違いを見つけることができるかと思います。最初は英語で書かれていて、そして、もう一つはその英語を日本語に訳したものです。その差はどこから来たのでしょうね。私たちにはそれは難しいと思います。だって単なる使用者なのですから、。ただ、このWhat is Life?の全ての記事は自分で書いているとは言っても少々面白いものです。本日皆様にお伝えしたかったのはそうした面白さなのです。すみません、今日は内容が無くて(^^;)。 

Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this "What is Life?", if you are a student of this class. Mind you?


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  1. Hi Sammy. It’s so cold here today. How about Fukushima city?
    I’m living at Sendai city now. And I’m working at Ishinomaki city. Do you know?
    My partner is working at Fukushima city.He was born Syowa-mura,oku-aizu.
    I checked your blog(^^)I read your some contents. It’s very interesting.
    That room is your house? I like that atmosphere.
    Can I link your blog from my blog?
    Please take care. I wish your Merry Christmas(^^)Thank you for reading.

    I challenged writing in English・・・but・・・(*_*;

  2. Thank you Naomi. Your English is very well and have kindness.

    It is so cold at F city. You are near Sendai. I have been to there for many times.

    Although I am an English user and showing articles in two languages, nobody leave comment in English.

    So your comment is my great pleasure.

    That room is not my house. The photo is about the shop of some interesting goods. The name in biji near the F station.

    You want make linkage? Of course you can.

    Please be my student. And inform about my blog for your friends.

    Thank you again.

    Merry Christmas for you too.




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