Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is Life? Freeze and Thaw of tuna(マグロの凍結融解)

Good morning everyone. I had a dream at last night. I could meet my sons. So I am happy, and not happy. I wish it was real. Anyway, today's theme is about freeze and thaw. Because the What is Life? is a member of biological village, most students have heard this term, Freeze and Thaw.

皆様お早うございます。私は昨夜夢を見ました。息子達に会えたのです。ですから私はとても幸せであり、且つ不幸せでもあります。あれが本当であればと思うばかりです。さて、本日のテーマは凍結融解に関することです。What is Life?は生物学ブログのメンバーなので、殆どの生徒さんは凍結融解という言葉を聞いたことがあるでしょう。

To keep activity of enzyme, which is a kind of proteins have some activities, for example proteinase, nuclease, polymerase, glycosides, and others, you should avoid the Freeze and Thaw. And also, you should keep it on ice for use. This is the basis of biochemistry or molecular biology, isn't it?. But today I want to explain that such rule is useable for foods. We Japanese like tuna (Maguro) so much.  We usually stock the block of tuna in freezer, and thaw as a dish of dinner. However, do you care the method of thawing the block of tuna? Because the block is a muscle of the fish, that has various enzymes in their cells. Therefore, what should you do for the thawing?


Please raise your hand. I am sorry, I can not see your hand. So I would like to show the answer. The answer is thawing the block in ice cold water. Of course, the block should be kept inside bag. The block can be thawed at -2 degree C. Therefore, the running water is too hot for the block. At such temperature, the enzymes awake and act to destroy the tissue. As a results, large amount of drip will be emerged from the blocks obviously. The ice cold water prevents the activity of the enzymes. Let's try or inform it for your partner or parents, if it is not known(^^;).


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this "What is Life?", if you are a student of this class. Mind you?


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