Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What is Life? The turning point, and never give up(転機、あきらめない)

I had started the What is Life? to show the amazing of life, spirit, foods, love, dream, and Macintosh. The blog is like myself or my friend for completing my dreams. At the present, I am senior vice president of small company with no salary. I have concentrated all of myself for the company, but it was merely dream. So this is my turning point for my life to rebuild myself.

I decided to be a biologist, when I was a child just before entering to the elementary school. I had leaned the amazing of life, when I was young. After being PhD, I have studied many biological technique in various areas. And also I could be an English user by working at a company. So I had started the What is Life? for you. The setting of this drama was very simple. Sammy is a teacher of this class, and you are students. By writing many articles in this blog, I found many problems in our life, for example life itself, respecting for others, spirits in foods, whale hunting, and love. By such reason, I will write down my information as like a paper at some level.

(1) History
I was born in F city in 1971 as a second boy. When I was a child, I played with insects, fishes, and crabs. I observed such animals in detail and decided to be a biologist. When I was a senior high school student, I selected the University. Even now, I am wanting to be what I wanted to be. The dream has not completed. So I started this blog to make it true. But now, I was rejected by my family. I can meet my sons only in the dream at night.

(2) Serious
I am serious and kind for others, as you may not know. When I was a staff of the biggest company in the world, I concentrated all of myself against the study. I could establish a diagnosis system for major disease. However, I had to leave the company by a reason. I was too serious to work for the company. Like such experience, I also used my everything for the small company. But…. I can not show it in detail.

(3) The turning point
I met many friends at F city in these days. All friends are thinking about plans make the F city bigger than now. As shown in above, I am a kind of expert. So I want to work for the F city, if I can. A friend suggested me that you have to be a master of the company by yourself, I will help you. Many tears were fallen down from my eyes. This may be a turning point. I have to decide something for me.

This is the turning point of my life to rebuild me. I never give up. I must be a master of a company as a biological expert. I have a plan. Please look forward to my plan. I am serious and a father. When my plan comes true, please come to my land. I will introduce you my dream with happiness. With respects for the God. 

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