Monday, December 13, 2010

What is Life? Misunderstanding of Central Dogma(セントラルドグマの誤解)

Good morning everyone. It is rainy today. If it becomes little colder, it will be snowing at F city. Have you prepared the greeting cards for your family or friends? Sammy is also summarizing the address data of my associators. Anyway, today's theme is about misunderstanding of central dogma.


As you must know, the central dogma is the most famous theory of biology. All students of life science area have to learn about it, when they are young. It's very simple and important to explain various phenomena of life in the planet. We all have genome encoding genetic data. The genome is transferred to mRNA, which has complementary sequence of genome. And finally, the nucleotide sequence data is translated to amino acid sequence of proteins. The theory was proposed by Dr. Francis Crick in 20th century. He is one of the greatest biologist in the world, and got the Nobel Prize with finding the structure of double strand of DNA.


I say it again that the theory is most important and simple. However, because of its simplicity, many young biologists may have misunderstanding against the composition of animal body. Do you know what I want to say? In fact, I was one of them. We are consisted not only with nucleotides, proteins, and water. We have sugars, bones, lipids, and many other organic products, for example steroid hormones, heme, DHA, TPA……. Of course, such organic chemicals are synthesized by enzymes in our cellular body. To produce such active substances, the complex reactions are existed in all cells. This fact might be lost in our mind, because the theory is too tight for biology. This is the misunderstanding of Central Dogma that I want to tell you today. How do you think about it?


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