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What is Life? Evolution from invertebrates to vertebrates 1(無脊椎動物から脊椎動物への進化その1)

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Here, today's theme is the evolution from invertebrates to vertebrates. Because the origin of Sammy's research history is developmental biology, I want to show an attractive story for you. And I have to apologize you about recent contents. Those articles might be dull for you, because the theme were friends, love, and life. So I would like to treat more biological theme not a spiritual things.


To make you understand evolutionary story, Sammy may have to introduce something base of developmental biology. By such reason, this theme will not end in one or two times. Are you ready?


(1) Classification of animal
We human being has a backbone in our back. It is shared in birds, lizards (reptile), frogs (amphibia), and fishes. Such groups are called as vertebrates. Most people may think that all animals are divided into two classes vertebrates and invertebrates. Of course it is true in a kind of narrow range. But in widely view, most animals are divided into Protostomia and Deuterostomia. We human being belongs into Deuterostomia. On the other hand, insects, clam, octopus are belong into Protostomia. This is a basic of developmental biology.


(2) What is vertebrates?
As described above, we have a backbone. The backbone is also called as spinal cord by histologists. We vertebrates have central nervous system and brain in our head. So we can analyze information, signal, and alteration of surrounding at highly level. However, in strictly speaking, the vertebrates is very unique group. Most animals containing most of Protostomia and primitive groups of Deutrostomia undergo Metamorphosis in their development from juvenile to adult. By such reason, the evolution from invertebrates to vertebrates is one of the most attractive theme for biologists.


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  1. 無脊椎から脊椎への進化。

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