Friday, November 12, 2010

What is Life? 銀杏について(About Ginkgo)


Good morning everyone. The top of higher mountains has been covered with snow in these days. How are you doing now? Today's photo is an pre-matured Ginkgo nuts tooked in this summer. Yes, today's theme is about Ginkgo.


Have you ever deeply watched the leaves of Ginkgo? We had learned that most plants were divided into two classes, one is monocotyledon and other is dicotyledon. The monocotyledon means that the baby of the plants have one leaf, and dicotyledon means that the baby of the plants have two leaves. The most easily cases are chinese silver glass and sunflower. The leaves of monocotyledon have straight veins of their surface. On the other hand, the dicotyledon has veins like a net on them.


From these aspects, the tree may be a member of monocotyledon group. But the shape of the leaves are very wide, which is a character of dicotyledon. These problem is so difficult for me. Therefore, I studied about the plant. As a result, I found that the tree belongs to the Gymnosperm. Most plants are divided into two classes, the one is gymnosperm, and the other is angiosperm. The former do not make fruits around the seed, and the latter make sweet fruits around it. However the Ginkgo has a bad smelled fruit around the seed. Furthermore, I had learned that the tree make sperm in stead of pollen. They have gender, boys and girls!




From these facts described above, the real of the Ginkgo is too difficult for me. Please teach me about problems in below, if you are an expert of plant taxonomical biology by comments or e-mails please.

No.1 Which class is the Ginkgo, monocotyledonn or dicotyledon?
No.2 Why the seeds have such fruit, nonetheless it is Gymnosperm?
No.3 How do we culture the plant?
No.4 What is the meaning of that bad smelled fruit?


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. 

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  1. こちらのサイトが閉鎖になりました。



    σ(・_・ )も匿名ですし、(^^;)

  2. 私は植物学者ではありませんが、思うことを書かせてもらいますね。
    あの果肉に見えるのは、胚珠の外皮が肉質化したもので、その役目は動物に種子を食われないように守ることだと思います。なぜなら、臭くて、触れるとカブれますからね。鳥も獣も敬遠するのではないでしょうかね。 俊平

  3. 私は植物学者ではありませんが、思うことを書かせてもらいます。

  4. Thank you Shunpei.

    I did not know such classification. But your comment lead me understand about Ginkgo. I knew that the bud smelled parts of Ginkgo nuts are not fruits and have such function.

    Your blog is checked by me everyday. Your kindly help and your proposal on your blog are my treasure.

    Have a nice season.

    From Sammy as a master of What is Life?


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