Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is Life? Isn't it a cell? (あれ細胞じゃないの?)

Good morning everyone. Are you enjoying this autumn? The winter is coming soon. How are my sons living at far from here?


Here, the theme is a cell. Do you know that the egg is a cell? You may have sunny side  up in this morning. The yellow yolk is a cell. A part of white is not a cell. It is as you may know. The chick egg is the biggest cell in our life. It's a number one. What is the next (2nd)? Do you know such big cell?


I had learned about the 2nd. The answer was a small granule inside each bag of orange. Have you ever drunk orange juice containing such granules? I had such drinks when I was a child. Such juice was very nice. Because I learned about the 2nd in some books, I had believed it, and I did teach it for others. But it might not be true.


As you may know, such granules have outer skin to keep tasty juice inside the small bag. Such components might give arise that the granule is a cell. I think so. But with the objective view, it can not be believed. Because the granules must not be germ cells, it is not the 2nd. 


If you know big cells as No.2 around you, please inform me by comment or an e-mail.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. Please teach me about Prime numbers, if you love mathematics.


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  1. みかんといえばこの方でしょうから、何かコメントいただけるとうれしいのですが、、、。見てませんかね。(^^;)

  2. I like dinosaurs. I like paleontology, but I am not such expert. And also, the fossil can reveal what was remained.

    We can analyze the history of life by paleontology and molecular biology.

    Which is better? I do not know. Please leave comments if you have some opinion.


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