Friday, November 5, 2010

What is Life? 太陽のエネルギー(Energy of Sun)

皆様お早うございます。Macユーザの多くはWindowsも体験しているかと思います。中にはBootCamp環境でWindowsを使われていらっしゃる方もおおくいらっしゃることと思います。あるいは、Parallelsなどの仮想環境で使われていらっしゃる方も多いと思います。しかし、Oracleから無料の仮想環境ソフトウェア(VirtualBox Ver.3.2.10)がリリースされました。サミぃの友達のブログで見つけたものです。現在Windows XPをインストールして使っていますが、問題は起きていません。

Good morning everyone. Most Mac Users know about Windows and have some experiences. In such Mac users, many people have Windows in their Macintosh with BootCamp or Parallels environments. But a free virtual environmental software (Ver.3.2.10) has been released from Oracle. The name of the software is VirtualBox. I found the information from the blog of my old friend. At yesterday, I installed the software and Windows XP on my MacBook Pro (Mr. Unibody). There is no problem at now.


Today, let's think about a problem with wide view for this world. Is it fine, cloudy, or rainy today? Tokyo may be fine today. It is cloudy at here, but it is normal at F prefecture. Anyway, all of the energy is originated from the Sun, you know? If the oil was produced from ancient animal bodies, the energy was from the Sun. Because, we are organisms on the earth. Most of energy is originated from the Sun.


By the reason, we thought to utilize the boundless energy from the Sun. But the energy efficiency of solar panel is very low. The cost of solar panel is so high, but the efficiency is lower than the method of boiling water system with mirrors. I heard that. Anyway, it is November. We have to purchase the post cards from Japan Post Office, and prepare the greeting cards on your personal computers. If your computer was Macintosh.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. 

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