Monday, November 15, 2010

What is Life? iPhoneについていくつか(About iPhone)

皆さんお早うございます。このWhat is Life?をご覧の方の中には、私(サミぃ)が嘗てClick & Pressというホームページを主催していたことをご存知の方もいらっしゃると思います。私は以前お伝え致しましたように、18年間AppleのMacintoshを使用してきました。1年365日Macに触れなかった日はございません。学会でも旅行でも常に持ち歩いております。そして就職に挑戦しましたがだめでした。さて、そうしたこともあり、今でもこのWhat is Life?を友人であるMac(Mr. Unibody)によって作っていますし、同じく友人であるiPhone3GS(Mr. iPhone 3GS)でチェックしています。

Good morning everyone. Some persons may know that I am Sammy, who was a master of "Click & Press" as one of the oldest website about Mac and Apple in Japan. As I showed you, I have used Macintosh for 18 years long as my best friend. I have used Macintosh everyday, brought to Biological meeting and also to personal trip. And finally, I tried to be employed by Apple-J and Apple, but I couldn't. However, I have two friends. Their name are Mr. Unibody and Mr. iPhone 3GS.

それで、本日はその友人であるMr. iPhone3GSに起こった奇妙な症状と、嘗てのClick & PressをあなたのiPhone, iPad, iPod touchで読むことの出来るファイルを公開し始めたことをお知らせ致します。今回の内容は生き物では無い、、、、ような気がしますが、すみません。

Today, I will report a symptom occurred on Mr. iPhone3GS, and a release news about epub file of Click & Press. I am sorry the contents was written in only Japanese, and with no relation for biology, although they may be life, I think so. 


Here, I show the symptom as a doctor of iPhone and Macintosh. He struck every hour as pi,pi,pi,pi--nn by refreshed. It is not considerable problem in daytime. But he is very serious also in nighttime, pi,pi,pi,pi--nn. So I found, diagnosed, and asked with my old friends, but it was no meaning. However, I tried to discover the cause of the disease.


I checked all setting of all app on Mr. iPhone3GS. Finally I elucidated the cause of this symptom. It was NHK clock, as you must know, showed in below. I found it in the setting of this application. I leaned that most important thing is observation of the disease in serious again.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. 

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