Friday, November 26, 2010

What is Life? Scrambled e-mail from iPhone(文字化けメールiPhone)

Good morning everyone. It is fine today at F city. How is there? Today's theme is about iPhone Mail. What kind of mobile phone do you use? Docomo? au? or others?


In Tokyo, many people are using iPhone for reading newspaper, listening music, playing games, and sending e-mails. At the other day, I found a old man, in the train, using iPad for reading e-Books with licking his finger to turn page. I can not laugh him. It is truth.


And…. Have you ever received complaints from your friend about the scramble of e-mail? The Internet and e-mail have long long history also in Japan. Most of us mainly use Japanese in e-mail each other. So, most mail applications are using ISO-2022-JP as a standard format in Japan. Even the Outlook in Windows PC is using the format in Japan. But we have to use international format to communicate with foreigners by e-mail. In such multilingual cases, we should use an international format, that is Unicode (UTF-8).

そして、、、。ところで、皆さんはお友達から電子メールの文字化けで文句を言われたことはございますか?インターネットや電子メールには長い長い歴史があります。日本も同様です。ほとんどの日本人はお互い電子メールで日本語を使うでしょう。ですから、殆どのメーラーは日本での標準フォーマットとしてISO-2022-JPというものを使っています。Windows PCでのOutlookですらそうなのです。しかし、私たちは外国人と議論するのに国際規格での電子メールを使わなければなりません。そうした他言語の環境では我々は国際規格であるUnicode (UTF-8)を用いるべきかと思います。

The on iPhone is compatible for many formats, but if you send an e-mail with references, the format will be Unicode (UTF-8). Because the standard format of Outlook is ISO-2022-JP, the scramble must be occurred.

iPhoneの「メール」は様々なフォーマットに対応しているのですが、相手のメールの本文を「引用」して送る際は(勝手に:自動的に)Unicode (UTF-8)になるそうなのです。Outlookの標準フォーマットはISO-2022-JPなので、文字化けしてしまうのです。でも直す方法はあるんです。

To prevent such accidents, there are three ways. Please see in below.

(1) Send an e-mail without references.
  It's not so difficult. But little dull and not be elegant.

(2) Ask your friend to decode by Unicode (UTF-8).
 It's also tired. Your friends may not understand the method.

(3) Put Facemark or Flower icon in your signature.
 It's little difficult, but may be perfect. Copy any character you want from SMS/MMS, and paste it in your signature. Setting->Mail->Signature. Your e-mail will be decode with ISO-2022-JP. But I have a perturbation for international use. Anyway, it's the simplest way. I recommend it for you. Watch in below. The <™> is a such icon. Can you understand it?



(2)友達にUnicode (UTF-8)で表示するようにしてもらう。


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. Please teach me about Prime numbers, if you love mathematics.


If you get 10,000 of counter, I will send you iStand (White) as my acknowledgement. Please send me the screen shot.


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  2. 10,000人目の方にiPhone用iStand(白)をプレゼントします。スクリーンショットをとって送ってください。

    If you get 10,000 of counter, I will send you iStand (White) as my acknowledgement.Please send me the screen shot.


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