Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is Life? To beginners and foreigners(初心者と外国人の皆様へ)

Good morning everyone. How are you doing now. If you are a beginner (first visitor) or a foreigner, please do not afraid me. Because I am serious and a kind of expert of biology, you may think that this blog is too difficult to understand for me. 

皆様お早うございます。今朝は大変いい天気のようですがいかがお過ごしでしょうか。さて、もしあなたが初めてこのWhat is Life?にいらっしゃった方、あるいは外国人の方であった場合は、どうか恐れないで下さい。私は真剣で、且つある意味生物学のエキスパートですので、もしかするとこのブログは理解するには難しすぎるとお感じかも知れません。

But as I described before, the difficulty were gradually increased with the progression of this course. At first, I started the class to explain the difference between stone and us. We are animal or organism, but stones are not. So, if you may think this class little difficult, please check from the first.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. Please teach me about Ginkgo and Prime.


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