Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is Life? Love for my sons.(息子への愛)

Good morning everyone. This is my personal blog. So, today I show the real of myself for my sons.

How are you? What did you study? Who is your friend? What kind of class do you like? What game did you finish on the Family computer? Did you finished the Pokemon card GB? Are you healthy? What do you want? I want to see you. I am thinking you everyday. Why did I have to go out my home? What are you thinking about me? Your names were thought by me. You are so intelligent. I did teach you how to catch cicadas. I brought you to watch the movie "Oceans". You like mathematics, because I did teach the even and odd. I did sing songs, when you were babies. I love you. I want live with you. Why do I have to send much money for your mother and grand mother? They do not understand me. Hey! come on! Let's play together! I have to cry, when the images arise in my brain. I want to teach you "What is Life?" until you can know, understand, and accept it. I am serious. I am always thinking you. I am a father of you. Am I a crazy? I am very kindly person. I want to teach you importance of the acknowledgment against the world. I want you become what you want to be. Your name is originated from such wishes. Please remember me. Please, please. I am a father.

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