Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is Life? 生態系の頂点(The top of Biogeocenosis)

皆さんお早うございます。巷で噂のMacBook Air、購入するかどうか悩んでいらっしゃる方も多いかと思います。そこで、Apple Store Ginzaへ行ってきました。自分のMacBook Pro 15.5 inch (2.4 GHz, Intel Core2 Duo, 4 GB RAM)と比べる為です。両者を横に並べて再起動にかかる時間を比べました。MacBook Airは13.3 inch (1.86 GHz, Intel Core2 Duo, 2GB RAM)です。その結果はMacBook Airの圧勝でした。MBAが13秒、MBPが53秒でした。iPhoneでムービーを撮影したのですが、店長(イケメン)から「公開することは許されない」ということですので、こうしてテキストでお伝えしました。熱心なファンの行動なのに大変残念でなりません。

Good morning everyone. Have you bought MacBook Air? Many people may be thinking about the speed of MacBook AIr. For the people, I had been to Apple Store Ginza to know the speed of MBA (13.3 inch, 1.86 GHz, Intel Core2 Duo, 2GB RAM) with comparing to my MacBook Pro (2.4 GHz, Intel Core2 Duo, 4GB RAM). As a result, the winner was MacBook Air. It took only 13 seconds. On the other hand, my Mr Unibody took more than 50 seconds. The movie was taken my Mr iPhone 3GS, but the master of the shop (he is a nice guy) did not permit to open it in Internet. It is too sad for me, because I have used Macintosh as friends for 18 years long. It's too bad for me.


Today, the theme is about the top of Biogeocenosis. You leaned a word of food-chain in your school before. The harvivores have grass, and the carnivores eat them. However, you must know the concept of Biogeocenosis.


On the other hand, where are we in such Biogeocenosis and food-chain? We eat everything, but we are not eaten by other animals in most cases. We have established the civilization, build cities, bred beasts, and cultured crops, fruits, and vegetables.


We are at a kind of "Top". So we have lost of view for the "Wild". We have proposed to save Biogeocenosis at COP10 or other major international meeting. We do not have both seriousness and realization. We must have an objective view for the planet. It is the most important thing to live.


(1) We are the Top, and outside of food-chain.
(2) The objective view is the most important thing for us.


Today's class is over. Have a nice day. Click the button at the bottom of this What is Life?, if you are a student of this class. 

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